Meet Our Ambassadors: Bob and Maralon Humphries

HumphriesReliv part of a bigger plan.

New Reliv Ambassadors Bob and Maralon Humphries are certain that finding Reliv was all part of God’s plan for them. “We had no clue two years ago that our lives would have taken this new and exciting direction,” Maralon says.
The Humphries were living in Alabama, where Bob works as an attorney, when they bought a vacation home in Cascade, Montana. They wanted to lease some horses for their children and grandchildren to ride and met Reliv Bronze Ambassador Trinity Vandenacre in the process.
They heard some of Reliv’s amazing stories and Maralon was eager to try the products. A 1998 car accident had left her with a painful shattered ankle, from which she’d never completely recovered, despite an ankle replacement and daily pain medication.
“After 30 days on the products, the pain was greatly relieved,” Maralon says. “I was not looking for a business, but after two more months, our hearts changed. How could we not share this with others?”
As the Humphries started to build their Reliv business, they realized that they did need the financial relief after all. Bob was self-employed and didn’t have much of a retirement plan. “We knew that once he retired, we would have to live on a very restricted budget,” Maralon says. “But with Reliv, we started dreaming again. We’ve learned to be goal-setters. We want to be debt-free, and help our grandchildren — and we’ve discovered we love to travel.”
The Humphries hadn’t been part of the Reliv family for long when one of their grown sons lost his life. “The whole company wrapped their arms around us,” Maralon recalls. “They allowed us to grieve, but helped us change our focus. They helped us see how to focus on others so we could function again. We’re both excited to be a part of this company. They are family to us.”

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